Caribbean Sweet Treats Hamper


Give the gift of fudge and boozy cake to your loved ones this Christmas, with our Caribbean Sweet Treat Hamper! Taste the flavours of the Caribbean with our delicious Rum & Cherry Brandy Fruit Cake. It’s handmade in small batches, very boozy and perfect warm with custard or cream. Our chilli fudge selection ranges from mild up to hot, with flavours like Chilli Rum & Raisin, Ginger and many more. It’s beautifully packaged with a satin red ribbon, perfectly ready for gifting.


Each hamper contains:

x1 Caribbean Rum & Cherry Brandy Fruit Cake

x1 Chilli Rum & Raisin Fudge (mild)

x1 Chilli Ginger Fudge (mild)

x1 Lemon Chilli Fudge (medium)

x1 Fiery Chilli Fudge (hot)


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