Caribbean Veg Box – Delivered Sunday 26th July 2020. Midlands Area Only.


Delivery Date: Sunday 26th July 2020

What’s in the Box (11 items):

  • Plantain (yellow) x2
  • Green Banana (vegetable) x3
  • Sweet Potato x2
  • Scotch Bonnet Pepper x3
  • Pumpkin 300g
  • Ginger x200g
  • Lime x2
  • Onions x4
  • Garlic x1 bulb
  • Spring Onions x1 bunch
  • Thyme x1 bunch

Extras Included:

  • Free Ingredient information card with tips on how to use each vegetable
  • Free recipe card
  • Free Tan Rosie Caribbean Style Curry Powder with your first order to get you kick started!

CUT OFF DATE FOR ORDERS: Friday 24th July 2020.

Disclaimer: Please note, we may need to substitute certain items within your box in relation to seasonal availabilty at the time. The vegetables, fruit and spices shown may vary in colour and size.

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Tan Rosie Caribbean Veg Box is a fantastic way to try a delicious variety of popular and essential Caribbean vegetables and spices to get you kick-started in creating tasty Caribbean dishes in your own kitchen!

Each box contains a selection of 11 vegetables, fruit and spices and, from time to time, will include seasonal vegetables too.

This Veg Box is a great way to introduce the whole family to Caribbean ingredients and cuisine to broaden your cooking experience. Why not get the kids involved in Caribbean cooking with the free recipe ideas and information in each box, and expand their knowledge on Caribbean cuisine?

The Veg Box is perfect for vegans and veggies who want to experiment with new ingredients and enhance plant-based mealtimes.

What’s included:

  • Midlands Delivery Only
  • FREE Door-to-door home delivery on a set date
  • A mix of 11 vegetables, fruits & spices
  • All produce is delivered in recylcable containers (we can collect & reuse)
  • Free recipe ideas
  • Free ingredient information & cooking tips
  • Seasonal Caribbean vegetables
  • A great way for kids to learn about Caribbean ingredients
  • Perfect for budding vegans and vegetarians


***Free Caribbean Style Curry Powder with your first order***




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