Mini Cookery Kit


This mini cookery kit is the perfect gift idea to satisfy budding Caribbean home cooks.

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Dabble in some Caribbean cookery with this mini cookery kit. Perfectly sized, containing our latest cookery book and two tasty products which are featured within the book. It will get you kick started in making your own delicious Caribbean dishes in no time.

Try making pumpkin bred rolls, Monica’s Ginger Cake, or learn how to make Jerk seasoning from scratch with our delicious recipes.

It’s a great gift for loves who want to try Caribbean cuisine at a fabulous price!

Each mini kit contains:

x1 Tan Rosie Caribbean Supper Club Recipe Book [2nd Edition] (Paperback)

x1 Tan Rosie’s Caribbean Style Curry Powder (40g)

x1 Tan Rosie’s Garlic & Pepper Sauce (HOT)



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