Rub & Sauce Bundle


Taste all of our yummy spice rubs & sauces in one great bundle! It’s the best way to sample all of our products at one low price. Pour over your meat and veg, marinade chicken or tofu, spread the pestos onto toast, dip your crisps into the sauce – so much to try!

Each bundle includes spice rubs, sauces, chutney and pestos.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians too!

Try it today.


Each bundle contains:

x1 Jerk Rub (mild/medium)

x1 Caribbean Paprika Rub (mild/medium)

x1 Caribbean Lime Rub (mild/medium)

x1 Caribbean Style Curry Powder (mild/medium)

x1 Garlic & Pepper Sauce (Hot)

x1 Mango Sauce (mild)

x1 Sweet Chilli Ginger Sauce (medium/hot)

x1 Caribbean Sweet Pepper Sauce (mild)

x1 Aubergine & Mushroom Pesto & Spread

x1 Beetroot Chutney



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